Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!


As you’ll find out eventually, I’m a huge fan of the iPad especially it’s ability to support children with particular needs, my son found this app ‘how to draw’ a free app where a little guy appears and draw the first part to the picture he speaks and says first draw a u shape, then my son simply traces over what has been said and drew – as you can see by the end a brilliant picture has been drew!

My son is five, this app will help to support children with fine motor difficulties by helping them to control their finger or stylus and to move in small stages.

This will also help with speech and language for children who find it hard to follow instructions, this breaks down a large task into simple steps this also encourages speaking and listening as if your don’t listen carefully you might miss some thing, it enables the child to have more autonomy on his work which in turn promotes positive self esteem and really a happy child who has drew something beyond he
Is age!

Enjoy! X


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