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Splingo’s Language Universe

This is by far the best app I have found yet for speech and language, it has uk voice which we all know is essential when teaching S&L this game is colourful and very interactive, there are thousands of word and sentence possibilities and the reward system I this is brilliant the child gets to add parts to splingos rocket and help to get him to each planet. At the beginning you have the choice of how you want to set this up for the child :


The App is based on information carrying words and starts from level 1 with instructions of find the apple etc


Then you can make the sentences more complex and suit it to the child, the child has full ownership on this they can press splingo if they need to listen to the instruction again.

Here is an example of the screen.


This instruction was put the egg next to the duck, in this the child would need to understand egg and duck, and next to as opposed to behind or above.

You simply choose the concept you need to work on and take it from their.

Here is another image of a more complex sentence


This was give the boy with the small clock the house.

Here is a few shots of what happens when they complete a few tasks






This app is only £1.99
In my opinion more than worth it, it you have a child who needs a bit support with concepts like big and small, in front , behind, on etc this is great, my son has no speech and language needs but this is his favourite app as he’s achieving every time, he is getting through to very complex sentences now with 3 or 4 instructions and I do believe this is helping him a lot in every day life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any speech and language needs I have a range of apps I intend to review but I also have stacks of paper based ideas too. I am qualified to level 3 accredited Elklan Speech and Language in the primary classroom.

Thanks xxxx


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