Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!

Quiet day today,


I’ve not blogged today (much) I was going to do about fine motor but today my back has got the better of me, the boys bedroom was a tip and the ironing pile was huge. So I did a bit ironing thinking it was going ok until I stopped and realised I shouldn’t have done that much then spent the next few hours in agony.

But picked boys up from school then straight to college as tues are my uni night, unfortunately I can’t really miss any sessions as with it been part time if you miss one you feel like you’ve missed a month! Feeling ok about this assignment ( I think) it’s about government policies and stuff woohoo!

Just got home form uni so I’m shattered, off to watch I’m a celeb to chill out! I will be back tomorrow to continue and hopefully review another app, I’m also going to see my sister in law who is in the first steps of becoming an Usbourne books seller, so there may be some more fun info on here tomorrow!



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