Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!

Great but sore weekend!


I’m still here, been a very busy weekend and I’ve been so tired on a night with all the medication!
So ill briefly fill you in, (whilst trying to ignore the constant shouts of mam, I’m not tired, mam, mam! Argh!)

So Friday, I was having a really fed up day I was in a lot of pain and just needed cheering up, so I’d been thinking about getting sum pink highlights through my hair but knew I couldn’t sit in the hairdressers as it would be agony, so I bought this

And was very careful just adding about 8 strips of colour, it didn’t take long so I avoided the pain of the hairdressers, and I loved it!

That certainly cheered me up! So Saturday, the best day as it was Twilight day! Wooohoooo! I stayed up till midnight when tickets where released and got the posh seats! So two of my bestest friends came and picked me up (they wouldn’t let me drive, save my legs lol) and we went early and had a lovely meal at Zizzis, (of course I got free garlic dough sticks on O2 moments) told u I like my freebies! It was just great to have a girly night and a good chat.

So went in to watch Twilight and wow it was brilliant, ill not tell anymore because if you are a fan you will love it! I curled my hair especially but it took ages, I really like the pink effect but do hope I’m not to old to be doing my hair in this young trend?! But if I am I’m not bothered, I’m happy it perked me up!



There it is front and back all for the grand total of £4!

I also saw my doc on Friday I forgot to say to get more tablets and another sick note 😦 he was fab and explained the letter from hospital to me very well. I am now fully ready to go for surgery on Saturday although terrified for the aftermath! I am positive that I will not be able to do nothing for two weeks, but determined as I have to get back to work before I go insane! The driving thing is a mega problem, doc said at least 4 wks but preferably 6 as any slam to the breaks will just do my spine in completely.

On Sunday Matt made some fruit meringues

20121119-200552.jpg really good fun

20121119-200545.jpgand stopped him from wanting to play on iPhone for at least ten mins!

Don’t think there’s much else to report, I’ve had a sore day today so I will review an app tomorrow, just wanted you all to know I’m here and still loving to blog!

Finally another kiss and Matt is off to sleep! Cuppa time!


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