Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!

Home from surgery!

Finally it’s over!
So I went in to the Spire Washington on Saturday at 11am, I was due for op at 2pm so I had nothing to eat since the night before I was sooooo hungry! I was took to my room



20121126-111049.jpg the room was fab! Better than a travellodge to be honest! I felt so fortunate to be in this hospital, think I mentioned it before that this is through the NHS but my surgeon only works at one nhs hospital and I was fortunate to go to the private one!

My hubby and little un dropped me off they didn’t stay long I didn’t want them there I could see Matt looked concerned to be honest I preferred to be alone to get prepared! So I read the patient book and again had to double check I was in a hospital, there was even a drinks menu!


Well by 1pm I must admit I was getting nervous, at 2 the surgeon came to see me had a nice chat and was told the anaesthetist would get me, so she came along I said I’m a bit scared now! Next thing they put me in a bed and I got some injection they said tell me when u feel woozy then we put u to sleep. In about 3 seconds I was woozy so next thing I turned to anaesthetist and said when will u put me to sleep he laughed said its all done!

Amazing! I’d only been in an hour, it took me ages to come round I was in a lot of pain as of course I’m lying flat on my back on the actual cut! By 4 pm I was back in my room I felt like I’d been out on the beer sooooo dizzy, next thing surgeon walks in with another bloke say right lets get u on your feet, what! I can’t get up! but they stood me up then put me quickly down when they realised I was telling the truth and didn’t feel well!

The surgeon told me he was amazed I’d been walking as the disc was the biggest he removed, the nurse came in after him and explained this surgeon is a great believer of get up asap and get on with it he told me I could go home but no way I was so woozy I couldn’t plus I wanted one night no kids, sounds bad but I just needed to feel better before facing the kids!

By 6pm, hubby and kids visited and I was starting to feel better, they brought a huge bag of randoms so I got through them nicely which helped me feel normal, they didn’t stop long the oldest looked a bit worried bless him. By 9 I felt human again, I was able to get to the loo by myself Granted it took a while, esp as I had a drain in my back (yuk) I had a rough sleep apparently I was on my left side for surgery and I’m sure I’m gonna have hand mark bruises on my right hip and side from someone holding me up that hurts a lot!

Next part is gonna be strange, believe what u wish but I’m a huge believer in angels and not ashamed to admit it, whenever I’ve been low I’ve asked for help and its came, around 7/8pm when I was feeling woozy I had an overwhelming feeling my Granda was there I could feel something around my right shoulder every time I looked I could see a white orb type thing floating round, and all I could think of was my Granda saying I’m here with you like you were for me, (I was with him right up till he took his last breath this yr from cancer) now I know I was drugged up and all this was probably the After affects of the surgery but for me at that time it felt real, looking back I think don’t be so silly, but who knows?

Ill leave it there as I’m shattered now, but will update later with coming home! Xxx


This is a tiny pocket angel my wonderful friend gave me to take in xxxx


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