Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!

Where has the week gone?

Right back again, had a few days feeling down in the dumps, I was quickly cheered up by this

20121129-112517.jpg Basically I think was expecting to come home and feel perfect but I’ve been in quite a bit pain and still rather sore, it’s getting easier to get up and down but still painful, the wound itself s very tender but I’m now able to lie longer on my back.

The only thing I’m worried about is when I wake up my hands and right leg are quite numb, that dead leg feeling you get when u have slept the wrong wrong, I’m hoping the s normal and not a result of surgery. Anyway I have pretty much slept all week I managed yesterday to decorate the tree, very slowly and without bending granted it took all day but it looks fab!

There’s my cheeky little boys lol!

Anyway I had a really bad day but good day at the same time, my Foundation Degree in Supporting Education certificate arrived

I was over the moon it came but the reality of this year hit me, the BA is very fast paced we gave the same workload as a full time student however we only go to uni one night a week. I had to ask for an extension on my first assignment, it was a research proposal for the dissertation next year I was disappointed with what I submitted and knew I could do better if I wasn’t in a morphine and pain haze for the last few months, my tutor at the time suggested deferring a year ( she was a nurse so must have knew what I’d be facing) but of course proud me said nooooo ill be fine ill graduate no problem, however my next assignment is de on Tuesday, the next end of December, it’s that fast we have four weeks on a module but whilst doing a new module your working on submitting the previous one too. I know I can’t do this one due in on tues as I’m still in a drugged haze and I can’t physically sit long enough to type,I can’t get another extension as that will mess up the next module, but I’ve already missed one taught session of the next module and I will miss the next one too!

So the decision was carry on, get terrible marks but still graduate in June by scraping through and not getting a grade I need for teaching, on defer come back next sept fully prepared and get the 2.1 grade I need to teach.

Well after chats with the hubby, my friends, my colleagues I decided to defer till next year, I wound be devasted to graduate knowing I could have done better, and currently I love my job I have no plans to leave I’m not in a rush to do teacher training I’d always planned that my youngest who is 5 would be about 9/10 when I want to be higher up.

I feel great, knowing I can relax I’m going to spend this yr brushing up on my maths and English, and throwing myself into Speech and Language, work, finding apps to support children, then turn up in September healthy and ready to go!

Tomorrow I’m getting dressing changed so I hope to be back reviewing apps and on Sunday we are going on The Polar Express! Well I hope I can make it ……




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  1. It’s just a season. You’ll get your degree!

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