Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!

Student Life – Postponed

Unfortunatly I have had to defer Uni until September this year. It was the most hardest decision I have ever had to make – I started the BA Hons in Education Studies last September and loved it, however when my back started my tutor said to me now are you sure you can manage this it is very fast paced id consider defering, well my reply to that was no chance I will be fine, i can mange it no problem! Thats what I thought! The degree is fab but as it a degree it involved masses or research, only being able to use journals to get the higher grades etc and the course is fast paced the workload is the same as a full time uni student but we work full time and go to Uni on a tuesday night leaving 90% of the work to be fitted in in your own time, the lectures are intense and the assignments are due in every 4 weeks – you would be doing an assignment at home but at uni be getting the next new work for the following assignment.

Now i managed to hand in my first assignment but i was very disappointed with the quality of it  – I knew I could do better but I was still at work when I got home from work I would be exhausted from the pain and mix of morphine so trying to get uni work done was virtually impossible! I handed the assignment is then had spinal surgery, I knew id have to miss at least one Tuesday session which i was dreading as if you miss one its like missing a months lot of information – yes you get the powerpoints etc but its just not the same.  So after my surgery i had another assignment due in the following week – i had thought Oh ill be fine ill be recovering so i will be at an advantage and be able to get all my work done. Well no who was I kidding, I couldnt even sit up long enough to type any words then of course I couldnt drive to the library to get access to the books i needed. Thats when it hit me, my tutor was right i shouldnt be doing this now.

I had a day of tears trying to figure out what to do on one hand I wanted to graduate this summer as i planned to do a Masters in Special Needs and Inclusion at Northumbria Uni this Sept and I wanted to graduate with my friends who i started on the first day of a teaching assistant course! But long term I never wanted to become a qualified teacher untill Matt is at least 10 hes only five now, the fact is at the moment I just love my job and whatever qualification i get I actually don’t want my job to change I love it, I am learning so much from it that id be crazy to want to change! So i thought do i want to graduate in the summer but by only scraping through and getting marks that I know I could do better, Teaching is becoming so competitive now that I want to get a 2.1 but i know this wouldnt be possible with the few months ive had of pain! So after many chats with my hubby, with the head at my school and my friends, I became happy to defer till september.

I still feel a pang of upset when i think of my friends graduating and im not but in the gran scheme of things I know id have been torture to live with, my children would have missed out as id be hiding trying to do work and i just know i could not stay up late to do the work – im in bed by 9pm these days!

Uni were fab my tutor has sorted it all out, only problem is i still have to pay for it now even tho i wont start it till sept, but im not worrying about that just yet! It means i can give work my all when i get back and start reading ready for september.

Hard decision but its done and Im Happy!


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