Juggling life as a Mum, Learner Support and a Student!

About Me

I’m Debs, I’m 32 and Mum to two lovely boys (when they want to be!) Owen and Matt, they are 10 and 5. I am married and we have a dog Cassie and two cats.
I have done all kinds and over the last few years I’ve became so focused on what I want to achieve and I’m getting there!

I was a childminder for a few years and loved it, until it became to paperworky – I believed as a childminder I offered a home from home environment which ment having fun, learning, playing but also doing the normal things you’d do at home with ya mam! But ofsted wanted to make childminders the same as nurserys and then paperwork just got out of hand so I took this as a chance to pursue something I always wanted to do!

In a nutshell i am now a learning support assistant in a mainstream primary school – the Student/Work life goes in more detail.

Ill do another page with that on as its long!

So back to me, nothing much to say really other than I love life well not as much at the minute as I’m off work due to waiting for spinal surgery been off work is killing me more than my back – which is the main reason I have thought to blog as I’m driving myself crazy worrying about work so I need to keep busy!

I have always had lower back problems well since my first born ten years ago, but it was just off an on it would come I’d be sore a bit then back to normal until this yr, in about feb my lower back played up but it stayed for weeks, I’m not one to moan so I just get on with it I’m so used to it playing up I just take painkiller and ignore it but it just got worse right up to the summer hols when it was really bad. Last week of the summer hols I woke up in excruciating pain and went straight to docs to be diagnose with Sciatica, must say my doc has been fab and had already referred me for physio ( been referred many time but nothing works) anyway got stronger painkiller work opened in sept you may have gathered I work in a school! So nothing stops me from working I love it so I plodded on for a week in agony but getting through the day until one night horrific pain start my foot was numb and my whole leg felt in cramp that wouldn’t stop. Back to docs and he instantly refereed me to the muscular skeletal team at the hosp, I got in pretty quick and within five mins of been seen I was referred for an urgent MRI scan this came 5 days later, naturally I was getting worried as to how urgent it all happening.

Anyway still plodding on with work the hosp rang me two days later and said they were gonna send me to the spinal surgeon it a long story but ill skip a bit, saw the surgeon and he said my whole lower back was a mess and I had the biggest disc protrusion that is pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing numbness so I need surgery to fix it and it has to be fast as longer its left the more chance they can’t fix the numb parts.

More of that to follow this page must be huge and I have no idea how much I should write!



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