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Fine motor skills

As promised! I’m going to look at an app and thing should can do to help fine motor difficulties. You may notice yourself your child has weak fine motor skills or you may have been told by a teacher etc.

What is Fine Motor Skills?

Well fine motor is the coordination of small muscle movements which usually occur in the fingers in coordination with the eye. When the child gets to about age 2 fine motor skills increase enabling the child to do things like hold and draw with a crayon, use a fork or spoon and to be able to stack objects, towards the age of 3 and 4 these fine motor skills become more precise and children begin to master zipping, buttons, drawing and writing.

There are many things you can do to encourage fine motor like finger painting, playing with play dough these are very good to stimulate development. Try to avoid doing things for your child if they are able to themselves like spoon feeding or zipping their coat up to be a little bit quicker (I know that’s not always possible!)

Sometimes fine motor skills are delayed and may cause problems like handwriting or cutting, there are lots of ways to help so don’t worry!

Sorting – have a pile of small objects like buttons, paper clips, or my favourite Smarties! Put them in a pile and encourage the child to sort them into groups using their thumb and first finger this helps develop the ‘Pincer Grip’

Threading beads – this is great make a necklace or thread a piece of paper.

Cutting and pasting, there’s no need to buy books of course you can if you want but draw lines on paper or zig zags and encourage to cut them out ( my son loves cutting anything!)

Colouring, make it a bit different talk chalks outside, paint the walls with water, or just simply colour in a picture!

Tracing, copying writing, dot to dots, playing with jigsaws or another favourite the Operation game.

I’m sure your getting the picture now!

Visit http://www.twinkl.co.uk for some fantastic resources for teachers and parents to use.

This app BubbleHD


Is a free app from the App Store, this is great just to stimulate the finger tips my oldest son sometimes has a go on this before he starts his writing homework and he says his hands ache (might just be an excuse ha ha) But this app is good fun to just get the finger moving.

Whimsy lite is a free puzzle app


This has lots of free puzzles suitable for ages 2-6 or older depending on the child, the puzzles on here are bright and colourful and encourage again hand/eye coordination.


Paper – another free App


This I think is a beautiful app suitable for all ages you have three books you can sketch in of course the more colours or different pens you want you have to pay but the basic package is just great.


You can write or draw, this is very good for an older child and to be honest I love it ! Here is a sketch I did,


Also with this app your able to email the image or upload to social media sites, I think it is great just for fun, the child wound realise they are doing work for fine motor just that they are having fun.

Well that’s enough for now! I’m going to visit my sister in law and her lovely little baby and have a look at the Usbourne books she is just starting, ill take lots of pics and hopefully put some on later!
Hope this helps someone! Even it its one person then it’s worth writing it, Please comment if you want any more info xxxx