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Speech Cards lite


I have just been playing with this app with my son (guinea pig lol) and I love it! This app can help improve Speech and Language Skills with flashcards, now the lite version is free it comes with 1 deck or cards which are animals.


That is the green box you then press the deck and an image comes up with the word. Now the only problem with this is the person speaking is American of course not a problem if you are American but for the U.K this is the commen problem with fab speech apps – very frustrating.
However I used this app without using the installed voice if you press the bird it says bird but the great thing about this is you can record your own voice.


So if I was using this (which I will be!) I would first ask the child what is this? Then I would record the child’s response this is great so the child can here how he/she says the word the if their is a problem you can re record and explain to the child “you say b bird not d dird” if the child can hear where they are making the mistake it helps them to understand where they need to correct thier speech. You could also extend this activity to asking questions about the bird for example what colour is the bird, can you point to the birds beak or you could extend to more complex questions which require the ability of abstract thinking like “Where would you find a bird? Or What does a bird eat?” The pack has the set of cards –

I would simply not press it and avoid hearing the American voice if you are using the app for the U.K

In the free version you have the ability to create your own deck and it will store information for one child. This is where the fun really starts, the possibilities are endless I created a new deck named Home

In this deck I took a photo of my son and labeled it with his name,

20130110-191956.jpg You can choose a photo already in the camera roll or take you own photos.

Again you record the word or even better the child records the word.

If you upgrade you have access to many decks and can have multiple children on,

20130110-192143.jpg I think this would be money well spent.

You could use this in school if you had any child who needs a visual and kinaesthetic approach, this could be used for a child starting school you could take photos of various parts of the school and pre record your voice with the description then let the child record their voice – this could make transition into a new environment easier.
Or if you have a specific need with a child you can tailor it to their need – they could take the iPad on a nature trail and and take photos then label them back in class.

20130110-192459.jpg. — record of student/pupil


Each card has a customisable text and picture
Use the mic for recording and have immediate feedback
Create and share cards


Communication Photo Book – increase receptive and expressive vocabulary skills
Articulation Cards – practise sounds to increase articulation, listen and record your voice
First words
Category words – ie animals, food, school
Reading, sight words and literacy
Social stories – create your own with images and text
Encourages the use of spoken Language/Communication skills
Learn another Language

Overall this app is great I think it is very good and will be using this!