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Update on Spinal Surgery – 7 weeks post op

Just an update, I have completed my first week back at work and I have loved being back. my doctor advised me to start with two weeks of mornings just to get eased in, he said if you go back full time it’s highly likely you’ll wear yourself put and end up needing time off.

I did think actually I feel ok and think I can do full days but thought no I will follow doctors orders and be sensible. I was very glad I did as when I came home dinner time on Monday my leg was sore and tight and I did feel quite worn out, as the week has went on I was feeling a bit better each day. I decided next week that I will maybe do a full day in the middle to say how my body manages that. I found I need to make sure I keep mobile, as the first day I sat for an hour then it was break then sat for another hour so I made sure I would stand up move about etc.

I’m over the moon to be back at work and it doesn’t feel like I’ve been off but I look back and I just can’t believe how much pain I was in and how much everything was a struggle I am really grateful to be healthy and not in that extreme pain.

I was talking to someone in the staff room who asked why I was off and once I had explained she was shocked as someone she knows had the exact same thing everything that I had described, however his operation wasn’t successful and he is now left with permanent damage to his sciatic nerve he has to walk with a crutch but that is a struggle, he has lost his bladder control. They tried a second op for him but that failed too, hearing what he went through and that he was only 31 has made me just so grateful that my outcome was very different.

I woke up yesterday (Saturday) with a really sore foot, just my toes and the flat bit where you toes connect, it really hurts when I put my foot down to walk and from my knee down my leg feels rather tight and a kind of burning sensation. I’m not worrying myself I checked the spine health forums and apparently the L5 nerve is the longest recovery and these are hopefully just symptoms of recovery and the affects of scar tissue, it is still the same today so if no change by Monday I will ring the hospital for advice, I’m staying positive and hoping it is just the recovery as I would be devasated if I had to have another op don’t think I could handle more time of work!

Anyway I’m thinking of starting swimming and/or Pilates to help strengthen my back, we went swimming yesterday with the kids so I only did 4 lengths to see how my body reacts, I had to get out the water after 40 mins as my leg was tightening up but I really enjoyed swimming so hopefully I will be ok to continue.

If your recovery from surgery hope your doing well, ill update maybe in a week.