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Christmas colouring app FREE


So I thought I’d look for a fun app, a free one as we need to save the pennies this time of the year! This may look like a simple colouring book but it can reach a wide range of needs. Here is a screenshot of the App Store, I downloaded the first one although the others are also free and will do they same job,



This app has easy to follow instructions and is easily picked up by a child of any ages and abilities

20121129-142359.jpg have a quick read then pass to the child.

There is a good choice of images if you are using this for S&L (speech and Lang) then I would start with the basic Christmas tree first

20121129-142526.jpg I would ask “What colour is a Christmas tree?” Then say to the child,” Find the green crayon and colour the top of the tree” that statement has thre information carrying words within it and three instructions, this will help you determine what amount of instructions your child can follow and how to then help them to progress. So the first word is green the child needs to understand what green is to be able to locate it. top the child needs to understand the concept of top or bottom and be able to know where the top of the tree is. By putting the two sentences together this will determine how many instructions they can follow. They might find the green and just colour anywhere on the page, you have to find out is this because they don’t understand top or that the instruction was too long, simply say point to the top.

20121129-143127.jpg As you carry on you can build up the instruction, to make them very complex like, First colour the square present blue then Santas hat red and then the ribbon green. This is of course a complex sentence but I’m sure you get how to build it up now.

This can be used like the Splingos app which I have already reviewed.


For fine motor skills this whole app is great, just by encouraging the use of the finger to colour in, start with big pictures then work on to the ones with more detail. Don’t put any pressure on the child if they go out the lines or seem to upset they are not neat reassure this is just fun and to just try, if its too much just stop.

Ill be back soon hope you enjoyed this.