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Reading on the iPad


I have searched for a long time to find the equivalent to a reading scheme on the iPad, but whenever I have found a book it has either had an American accent or it has cost to much, or simply been to complex for what I needed it for.

Until now, Collins Big Cat is already a well established reading scheme used in many schools in the U.K and it seems the have now entered the world of the iPad!


This is a brilliant app, they currently have four books at different levels or reading.

20130321-092256.jpg they have a very descriptive text which explains about the levels of reading and how to use the app.

There are 3 ways to use the app, firstly you can read to myself, I usually start of with this one, using my son as guinea pig! The screen is interactive and has lovely background sounds which aren’t distracting.

So you would read through the book by swiping the pages you can press the hint button at the bottom if you want to know what parts are interactive.

I would then listen to the story next, the child can enjoy checking if they have read correctly of just listening to the story!

Next is the fun bit! Story Creator, this is just fab you can now create your own story using the characters and scenes from the book.

You could recreate the story or make up your own story and best of all you can also record your voice to each page.

So firstly to make your story you need to click on the scene and choose your setting then you can choose your characters and finally add text, it does take a few minutes to get used to how you manoeuvre the the text and characters, but it doesn’t take long.




Now you can also record your voice to each scene so you listen to your version of the story.


Here is a snapshot of the other texts available



I think you will agree it is great these are fab books which fit in lovely with the National Curriculum. And can be used at home or by teachers and support staff in schools.