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Maths App

It’s app time!

I’ve got another spare five minutes so thought I’d review a numeracy app, this app is so much fun and suitable for all ages and abilities your children may have used the actual Bee-Bot in school or nursery already.

Bee-Bot is a motorised little bug on wheels that in schools are used for directional language and programming skills, so the people who made the real Bee-Bot have made free app.


This app makes use of the keyboard and is the same as the actual Bee-Bot in schools you input the directions in exactly the same way, this app helps children in their directional language and programming through sequences for example forward one, left one, right two etc.


The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow and the app itself is brightly coloured and engages children well. The aim is to get Bee-Bot to the flower.


There are 12 levels which increase with speed and gets faster and the instructions become more complex. This is also fab for memory skills too.

Here is level one and level 12



Hope you’ve enjoyed this! Please follow me if you want more apps and please feel free to post any comments or questions!