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The Polar Express – Weardale Railway.

On Sunday 2nd December we went on The Polar Express. This was at Weardale Railway near Stanhope in the U.K This is the first time it’s been done in the U.K and I feel we have been so fortunate to have went.


My brother ran me and told me he’d just booked so I rang up and managed to get the same day, at the time I didn’t realise it would only be a week after my surgery! But I felt able to go and I’m so glad I did! When we arrived I asked the parking attendants if we could park at the front due to me not been ment to be on my feet for to long – the staff were fab couldn’t have been more helpful. We parked and the young lad went to tell another staff member within minute a man came out was so kind and friendly, he took my email and was kind enough to take brothers too and he got our tickets for us. Just a note for others the ticket office doesn’t open until 1910 so the que was huge people were there fir an hour before standing in the cold, I’d turn up at seven wait in car then get tickets no ones gonna pinch ya seat!


So the lovely man escorted us through a side entrance to the train, now as we’d booked separately we weren’t sitting together – however the fantastic dancing waiters said they would try their best to swop people round and sure enough they did.

20121204-112013.jpg The lovely waiter!

The kids all had their pjs on and the train journey began, before we even started the waiters had everyone singing even dancing in the aisles I’m hoping ill be able to attach the YouTube video I made onto the end of this.

20121204-112205.jpg The conductor chopping away at the tickets (ps thats Matt my 5 yr old)

20121204-112305.jpg My oldest he didn’t want to wear his pjs but he loved it too!

20121204-112350.jpg Hot Chocolate time!

20121204-112430.jpgYummy! Cookie time


After our hot choc and cookies the waiters walked up and down with the book ensuring all the children got to have a look while the train told the story through the speakers this was great as it calmed the kids down after an exciting start – now as soon as I saw the book I thought here we go they will be selling the book now – I did actually want one but they didn’t which impressed me loads there was so many opportunities for them to sell my amount of goodies but they never did once which ment no pressure for adults to spend a fortune there was a gift shop but even that was discreet so well done Weardale – you’ve kept parents happy too!


After the story the waiters told the kids to watch out the window where we saw elves dancing outside, Santa’s sack of toys etc. The waiters told the kids how we’ve travelled so far to the North Pole and it only feels like minutes Matt was amazed and believed he has been to the North Pole. then Santa came on the train he took his time and gave every child a bell, he even had time to ave a little chat and a photo took.

When we got off the train I was touched to see the same man who sat us down waiting and asked me how i was and if I needed a hand. I have since emailed Weardale to say well done and a huge thanks the whole experience was brilliant and even though it was a week since my surgery I was able to enjoy it too. Right I’m going to try to put the link on now!