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What a weekend!

It’s been a long weekend but a great one, On Saturday it would have been my Grandas birthday but he passed away from cancer in feb this year. I organised a little party for all the family to come to via Facebook and I must say this is why I do love Facebook, so on Saturday afternoon the whole family met at my Grans we all brought a plate of food, you can tell we are a sweet tooth family as it was all cakes and sweet treats!

It was utter chaos, kids running about all over, my hubby and y uncle with their Movember tash! Cups of tea been made by the dozen – it was just great, I know he’d be up in heaven shouting down watch the crumbs kids!

Cancer was the most horrendous thing i have ever seen anyone go through, I never thought it would be the way it was , you read so much on the Internet but I’d never read the actual feelings and the 24/7 care you provide, I was lucky to have such a considerate boss who helped me thru the time by letting me be flexible with start and finish times, I was able to care for him and take ‘shifts’ with the rest of the family, I was fortunate to be with him the last few days and when he took his last breath, it might sound horrible but i think I was honoured to be there.

When I’m feeling bold enough ill post a bit about that time on here so people can know what to expect!

We have always been a close family but we didn’t get together that much, the best thing that came out of the cancer was seeing how everyone pulled together and were always there for each other and since his passing we are still continuing it.

Well I’ve slightly sidetracked there! Anyway my hubby and I had the rare chance of a night out just down the local club with a band playing who where fab! I knew it would be tough as with the morphine no drink allowed as potentially I would die so I didn’t want risk that! We managed to
stay out till 1030 but my back just couldn’t take anymore, and I think I was the only person to be falling asleep during a very loud band! Of course that’s the morphine to blame!

No hangover! Best part was waking up with no hangover althoughy by having a few hrs out with friends and hubby today has been really difficult, back is very bad, I had to top up on morphine but that made me have a nana nap!

So onto the present time, I’m sitting here waiting for my friend to pick up as we bought a groupon voucher for spa treatment so we off the the Hilton for an hours treatment and we gonna have an afternoon tea! What a fab way to end the week, ill be having a facial as I dare not risk my back been bad again!

May post later but hope you all enjoying this! Xx