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Huge list of Apps for Education and SEN



I really hope this works as i have have made a huge word document and tried to paste it onto this!  If you need any more info i will email you the proper list x


I have put together this list of apps from websites I have found, as yet it is not in any particular order as I never seem to have the time! Many of the pages have been found by other people like myself but I have decided to put it all together in one place so many thanks to everyone who has done the same as me!


The apps in the next few pages are suitable for a range of ages, for SEN, to aid development in a range of areas.


Please bear in mind if using the iPad to develop Speech and Language ensure that the app is set to UK version or that the child has the ability to understand the difference between accents.



Debra Forth



I have found all the information from the internet and at all points have tried my best to ensure that I have left names and web addresses of any other parties whose information I have also shared, before sharing this on this list I have tried to ensure that I have not breached any copyright.


The following is from a school in Austrailia:


This is a set of websites and links to relevant articles especially designed for special Education and using ipads in schools.


Within my school and other special schools in Australia there has been an amazing growth in using ipads.  I have certain concerns in that really they are design for one person usage, with apps being drill and skill and it could just be a games machine, so I am keen for it to be used creatively.  There are so many apps so these websites will hopefully point you in the right direction so that we are not all re-inventing the wheel!



Web address

Comments Re: application

additional comments

Primary audience




This is a marvelous site and has some lovely practical videos on how to use the ipad in the classroom.  The videos are also on youtube.

This site has loads of lovely ideas and is very practical and is constantly being updated.

Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities.





A brilliant Australian blog, which has so much information and tips about using an ipad, starting using the ipad and useful and up to date information on good and relevant apps,

The Spectronics team are really great and they organize a conference every 2 years and information from this year’s conference is available on their website

Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities.



This is an article from Spectronics listing apps.





Ian is brilliant and has worked for a long time in the field.

This is a very practical site.  And within the resources section are some great articles about apps

Everything is brilliant. 

Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities.





This website has loads of very practical information on using an ipad in special education.

I liked the list of apps..

Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities.





Clickspecialednz is a wonderful site which has just started a section on useful information for ipads.

I particularly like the Flo Longhorn articles.

This website has loads of great resources for IWB and so well worth a look.

Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities.





A spreadsheet recommending apps for students with Autism

I love the English section and the




The Victorian Government had a trial with ipads and this is full of useful information

Good information about using an ipad in a classroom, it has a few apps for special education.




A really useful document to download which recommends apps


Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities





This is a great article for tips on using your ipad


Sue Larkey is based in Australia and her website has loads of really useful information.  It is for teachers and parents and therapists and her livechat seminars are great.




Some tips on using your ipad





Special design for special education


Severe and moderate intellectual disabilities



This articles in the SMH on 1st July had some interesting comments on using ipads in the class room










Name of app



Little Fox Music Box – Kids songs, sing along

Shape Minds and Moving Images GmbH


Pip and Posy: Fun and games

Nosy Crow


The Three Little Pigs – Nosy Crow animated story book

Nosy Crow


Toca Hair Salon

Toca Boca AB



Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift

Toca Boca AB


Toca Train

Toca Boca AB


Toca house

Toca Boca AB


Bugs and Buttons

Little Bit Studio


The Icky Mr Fox



6 in 1 children games



Collins Big Cat: It was a cold, dark, night, story creator

Harper Collins publishers Ltd


Collins Big Cat: Around the world, story creator

Harper Collins publishers Ltd


Little Miss Muffet HD

Tantrum Solutions


Kids Doddle Pro – Create video clip with kids Colour and Draw

Bejoy Mobile


Bee –Bot

TTs group


Ladybird: I’m Ready for Phonics

Penguin books


The Singing Alphabet

Ministry of letters ltd Education


Little Digits

Cowly Owl Ltd





(many have a free ‘lite’ trial version which is worth looking at before you buy)


Word Games


Scrabble – same as the actual game (£4.99)

Shaker HD –touch the letters to spell words (free)

Boggle – same as the actual game (£1.99)

Wooords –drag letters into position to spell words – the ‘key’ letter has to appear in all words (£1.49)

Word Abacus – spell words by touching adjacent letters on the ‘abacus’ (free)

Word Solitaire – spell words using ‘cards’ (£2.99))

Word Domino – drag syllables to make words (69p)

Hangman (69p)

SBS Spelling – can make your own word lists for spelling practice

Word Genius – touch adjacent letters to spell words  (69p)

Wordsearch Unlimited (£1.49)

Wordearch (69p)


Grammar/ Language


Opposites – match opposites (£1.99)

Idioms – identify the meanings of phrases (£1.99)

Zombie Grammar Force – match the words to the correct part of speech  (69p)

Grammar Games – steer the planes and get the words into the correct runway according to which part of speech (69p)

Things  that go together – match the pictures that are semantically linked (free)





Tic Tac Toe  (69p) – multiple choice answers to phonic questions covering beginnings, middles and ends as well as syllables

Phonics Vowels (£1.99) – select the correct vowel to spell the word

Montessori  crosswords  (£1.49)  – spelling single words or making a crossword with some basic words

Tic Tac Gold (£1.99) – match letters

Sound sorting  (69p) – match letters to the initial sound of the item shown


Word Bingo – identify the spoken word to complete a row of four. You can also play a word-recognition game and fire ‘bugs’ at a moving target


Spelling Magic – drag the jumbled  letters into position to spell 3-letter words or select  and drag letters from the alphabet shown on the screen


Fruit memory – up to 54 different fruits to remember (69p)

Memory – up to 24 pictures  (£1.99)


Visual skills


Lost Numbers – look for hidden numbers in the pictures (69p)

ABC Mysteriez – look for hidden letters in the pictures (69p)

Founditlite – find the animals hidden in the picture (free)

Farm Animals puzzle (69p)

ABC Animal Puzzle (69p)


Visual + Listening


Balloons – pop the balloons according to the instructions (e.g. all the sheep)


Fine Motor


Dot to Dot numbers (£1.49)

Bugs and Buttons (with amazingly realistic insect graphics) for basic touching , pinching etc movements. Includes sorting activities

123 Numbers

letter School – demonstrates how to write letters and numbers in an entertaining way




Dyslexia Quest – tests different skills (memory, phonological awareness etc) and gives a review of strengths and weaknesses. (£1.49)

The Reception Teacher – assorted simple addition and subtraction with some word and letter activities (£1.99)

60 Story Starters (£2.49) – ‘Webber Photo Card’ activity – select a picture and tap the screen to listen to a story starter for the pupil to use as a prompt (American voice)

GoSkyWatch – (£2.99) – point the iPad at the sky to see which planets etc  are above

GarageBand (£2.99) – make your own music

Puppet Pals (£1.99) – make your own animated film using the good selection of themed characters (ghosts, monsters, pirates, space and lots more)  and record your voice. Has a choice of backgrounds.

Art Set – (69p) drawing package




Calculator (69p)

Telling Time (69p) – listen to the time and touch the clock that matches.

AB Math (£1.49) – practise basic calculations

Subtraction: a pairs-style game (dinosaur theme)

Tric Trac (£1.49) – complete a line of numbers by responding to calculations

Math Bingo (69p) – complete a line of calculations to win ‘bugs’ which can be catapulted at a display of coins.

PopMath (69p) match answers to calculations shown on balloons

Numberline Frog – addition using a numberline (69p)

Bee Bot – based on the Bee Bot programmable toy – type in sequence of movements to get the Bee Bot to move towards the flower (free)

Maths Martians (£1.49) – complete calculations including doubling (solving equations)

1-20 balloons – touch the balloons in order from 1-20 (69p)

Math Tap and learn (69p)  – computation game= burst the balloon which shows the correct answer  – includes negative numbers

Monkey Maths  (69p)– assorted early maths activities – join dots / addition / more and less (69p)burst the balloon which shows the correct answer to the computation question

Rocket Math (69p) computation practice to earn money to build and launch a rocket

Banana Hunt (69p) – estimating angles to win bananas

Ghostblasters (69p) –blast ghosts which show multiples of the chosen number

Eggs on Legs (69p) solving simple equations

Multiple Wipeout (69p) – pop balloons that are a multiple of the chosen number

Math Splat – practise computation skills

Meteor Math (£1.99)– tap the two orbiting meteors which when added, subtracted etc make the target answer at the top of the screen

Maths memory – pairs game involving number bonds

Coop Fractions – matching fractions to decimals by moving the ‘marker’(a nest)  along the number line. If you are correct, the hen manages to eject its egg into the nest, if not, you get a row of broken eggs!




The Monster at  the end of this Book (£2.49)

Another Monster at the end of this book (£1.49)

Jack and the Beanstalk (£2.49)

37 picture books for Kids (69p)

Animal Flip Book

Kindle Books

Kids poems (69p)

Pedro the ugliest Dog in the world (free)

The Cavern of Wonders – adventure game (86p)

Death by Choice (free)

To kill a stone heart (£2.29)

Safe (97p)

Grey Eyes (Book 1, the Forever Trilogy) (free)

For Fun / Strategy


Sprinkle (69p)

Doodlelump (£1.99)

The Moron Test (69p)

Create a Car (69p)

Always Up (£1.49)

Toca Hair salon (£1.49)- restyle hair. There is a free Christmas version of this

Toca Doctor (1.49) – diagnose and correct the medical conditions (broken bone, splinter, headlice!)

Toca Monsters(free)  / Toca kitchen (£1.49) – prepare and serve different foods and see what reaction you get.

Toca Robot Lab (£1.49) – simple build-a-robot activity

Cake Doodle (69p ) – mix and ice a cake

Lego 4+ – build a lego car and collect gold coins to make other leg models or improve your car (free)

Sheep HD – get the three sheep across the obstacles. Each sheep has a different skill so you have to plan in which order to tackle the task.

Genetics – use qualities of animals to ‘design’ other creatures.

Build a Train (free but you can buy extra layouts for £1.49)  – choose an engine and carriages and negotiate round a choice of tracks collecting parcels– quite tricky to manage the points!

Leap Sheep (69p) – get the increasingly speedy sheep over the fence, performing somersaults at the same time in order to ‘win’ the emergency ‘ram’ who can clear all the casualties.

Reflexion (free)s – re-align the ‘mirrors’ enable the light to  bounce around the screen and reach its destination without hitting any of the ‘avoid’ obstacles.

Logo Quiz (free) – see how may logos you recognise.


Hope these prove useful. I work with KS3 and KS4 in a PRU and with others of all ages who are out of school for various health reasons. The older pupils still enjoy the really silly games like the Hair Salon and the Lego Car 4+ game. In fact, they are the ones who often tell me about them and ask me to get them!    – Clare North









Account Required


This app provides MicroSoft Office compatibility and gives Excel, Word, and Powerpoint compatibility.  However this requires access to a cloud based file system and the best of these  is dropbox.






This allows saving of files to the cloud and synchronized access to files stored on the pc/mac.

Dropbox is free for individual users for up to 2Gb of files. 

There is a “teams” option at $800 per year allowing sharing however this is possible with the single user account, as a trial perhaps?



Free basic account.

Extra for more storage.



This allows writing, note taking, and sharing of those notes. Requires an account but is good for sharing notes, links and files.





Documents Free

Office applications. Paid version available although CouldOn has pretty much superseded this app.


All Apples

Free, paid version available.



Required to watch ClickView on an iPad.


All Apples, PC



iMindMap HD

There are numerous mind mapping apps available but this is one of the best.






Download and read books and magazines, as well as pdf files etc.

Free App, many free book but also a cost for books as well.


Free App.



as above but also works with Apple’s own eBooks which can be produced and authored by people in school.

Free App, many free book but also a cost for books as well.

All Apples

Free App.


QR Code Scanner

A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobiles phones with cameras and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data. The QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. QR is the initialism of Quick Response, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.







Very Useful





Account Required



Pearltrees is a place to collect, organize and share everything you like on the web.

Pearltrees’ interface lets you keep everything you like at hand so you can organise it your way.

Collect web pages and turn them into pearls. Organize your pearls into pearltrees based on your interests.

Enrich your collections with pearltrees from other community members. Share all of this and start to cultivate your interests with Pearltrees.





Audioboo is an application for recording and sharing your voice with the world. The free version allows you to create audio up to 3 minutes in length and post that to your own account on the web.

You can add titles, tags, geo-location info and a photo to the recording before you upload it and we’ll save all that with the file.

The audio can then be shared via Moodle, Facebook, Twitter & more social networks by managing your account at http://audioboo.fm.


Free – limited to 3 minutes


Homework Planner

A free planner for students to get their homework organised.





Both online and downloadable this is a very nice app for task organization. 

Allows grouping and teamwork functionality to be used.






A timetable app.





Puppet Pals


Simple movie creator: pupils use the backgrounds and characters and then

create a story by simply providing a voice over while moving characters with

fingers. Movies can be saved, embedded and added to You Tube




ReacTickles Magic:



A suite of applications that use touch, gesture and audio input to encourage

interactive communication






PCS Apps     http://www.mayerjohnson.co.uk/apps/ 

A selection of apps covering different areas of SEN (Speech and Language, Sign

Language, Memory, etc.). All apps use PCS symbols


Angry Birds Free:          http://bit.ly/hjlcuj

Rovio Mobile Gaming app that can be used in a creative way with reluctant writers and other

pupils. Can be linked to Science (forces), DT (nets), Literacy and other areas


BeeBot:         http://bit.ly/zxjm2X

TTS Group Great app with different levels to build skills progression. More apps are on the



Show Me   Interactive:      http://bit.ly/qTSLhL

Easel Great app to use with pupils who have difficulties with memory


Somantics:              http://bit.ly/wlUXPx

Cariad interactive Another great suite of touch led applications to use with pupils who have

autism and associated conditions



Dragon Dictation:     http://bit.ly/9ekZWs

Communication  –  A great dictation app that claims to be 5 times faster than typing. Truly useful



Choiceboard Creator:               http://bit.ly/qjjHMt

Techno Chipmunk Great app for creating choice boards: just use photos/symbols/Images that are

uploaded to your device



Simple app for developing visual perception skills

Possibly Useful



Khan Academy


ITunes U

Google Earth




IEP Checklist

Design Museum Collection

Evernote Peek


Dragon Dictation

KeyNote Presenter




AirSketch Free

FancyPages Lite

Prezi Viewer

Socrative (voting system)


Design Studio

StickPick (costs)

Visual Talks


PowerPoint Remote



SkyView Free


StarChart (cost)



iElements – periodic table





 Ian Bean – SEN ICT Consultant and Trainer.

 http://www.ianbean.co.uk – Follow me on Twitter: @SENICT

Ipad apps shown at TES Resources Show in Manchester

Touch Skills:

Ooze, Reactickles, Drawing with Stars, Target and Touch: Hidden Grid, Target and Touch: Musicians

Making Music

Glow Tunes, Virtuoso, Songify, Garage Band

Photos, video and animation

Ilookfunny, Art Maker, Toontastic, iMovie


Talking Ben, Scene and Heard, Sounding Board, Proloquo, Grid Player



Counting Songs (Inclusive), Splingo!, Alien Buddies, Hairy Letters Ian Bean – SEN ICT Consultant and Trainer.

http://www.ianbean.co.uk – Follow me on Twitter: @SENICT


Stories and Books

Avatar Books: Peter Pan, Into the snow, Toy Story (Disney), Story Maker


Odds and Ends

Smarty Pants (emotions), Dragon Dictate, Dropbox.


Other useful links:

Communcation Apps from Jane Farrall



AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS: Strategies for home and school 4


Using Computers


Computers play an important role in teaching students with an   ASD as they allow presentation of information tailored to the     unique style of learning for each individual student. Be aware,

computer time needs to be carefully monitored to ensure the  student is learning.

 The positive outcomes of using computers    Learning style: Students with autism are visual learners. We  can support verbal instruction with visual representations.

Practice skills: Computers provide predictable routines,  information, responses and outcomes. As the computer

provides the same response every time, a sequence of steps  is followed; this can give the student greater opportunity to  gain mastery of skills.

Motivation: Provides a non-threatening, predictable, nonintrusive  visual tool through which a student can experience success.

 Independent work skills: Computer programmes with a  structured start / finish, and a set number of components to be  completed, can be used to teach, promote and extend  independent work.

 Interaction: Computers can be used as a tool to teach  children to take turns and interact with their peers.

 Fine motor: For students who have difficulty with written  tasks, computers can allow them to produce written work through standard or alternative keyboards (range available).

 Play/recreation: For students who are highly motivated by computers, they can provide an excellent recreation activity.

Computer access can be an excellent play activity for students who find “play” time a challenge at school.

 Job opportunities: Computers can provide excellent future options for students, as they are suited to the student’s learning style and interest, and require minimum social skills.