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Been a while!

Happy New Year!

My resolution – to blog at least once a week! I admit I got sidetracked with the festivities but ill be posting more.

So my recovery is going great! Im 6 weeks post op this saturday, i started driving again at 5 weeks just short journeys and so far so good. My scar has totally healed now so i can finally have a proper long hot soak in the bath! Generally i feel great, I have no back pain at all, occasionally my leg feels a bit wierd like if ive been in bed for to long i can feel the nerve that had the problem feeling very stiff but not painful, im pretty sure from what ive read in spine heath forums that this is normal, it also gets a bit sore after a busy day.

Catch up time – Of course with not been able to do much before Christmas I was only washing the essentials so i now have a huge backlog of washing that needs doing and piles of ironing, i still cant stand long enough to iron a huge pile so i do get rather frustrated!58617_10151161399886636_1003136420_n

So i got bored over christmas and dyed my hair pink, then for new year I went back again


I used ColourB4 and was amazed at the results it took the colour out brilliantly!

We had a brilliant Christmas, in fact one of the best now i dont know if this was because i was off work so I had all the presents sorted very early, but we also had our relatives from Oz come

over too so 27 of us had a Christmas dinner at The Whitehills Pub. http://www.partyatthepub.co.uk/bars/the-whitehills  This was just brilliant for anyone thinking of eating out on Christmas Day  – DO IT!!! Firstly there was no stress at all we simply got up on Christmas Day opened pressies got ready went for Bucks Fizz reception at 1130 which was fab, the kids had an orange juice Mocktail so felt included.

We had the conservatory part to ourself which was perfect with having so many children, the staff were brilliant and especially for working on  christmas day they were just fab! The food was brilliant you couldnt fault it, the portions were a very decent size everyone had plenty of veg to go round, and the desserts too were amazing! They actually let us alter the menu slightly too as alot of us dont like the fancy starters like brie etc so they stuck on an extra option of soup!

By 1.30pm we had finished the food so whilst coffee was served we dished out the presents. So by 3pm everyone was home with no stress of cooking dinner or timing the turkey and the best part was no washing up. For me i found that this was the first Christmas i wasnt stressing out all day rushing round cooking or shouting at kids to get out the kitchen, I think we will do this again this year,  well worth every penny!                                 178714_10151154611491636_1901581480_o

Christmas passed in a blur, i caught a terrible cold that lasted till New Years Eve which i was very gutted about but it didnt stop me having my annual New Year Party, it was my birthday and after spending most of the day thinking i was 34 during the party Matt my 5 year old kindly reminded me i was only actually 33! So that was a huge bonus! We had a fab party with my family and close friends (who got me a cocktail making kit – just fab) i managed a few cocktails, we had fireworks for the kids plenty of food and loads of gossip  – it was a bit emotional remembering our Granda who we lost in Feb but i do know he would be very proud of us all sticking together.  The kids had a hoot, spent most on the night playing on the Wii or blowing the hooters! I couldnt stop sneezing the whole night and my nose was streaming but i did have a brilliant time and as i didnt drink much i had no hangover!!


So thats an update, I’m back to work on the 7th I just cant wait, I have missed my friends and the children so much, my doctor said i should go back to work on a phased return as he reminded me that it is only 6 weeks since spinal surgery and he said if you go back full time you could end up exhausted and having to have time off at a later date, he suggested doing two weeks of just mornings which will help me to figure out just how worn out i get. Its hard to predict this as of course over christmas if im worn out i just have a lie down and you dont know how much worn out ness is just because of having a cold or the craziness of Christmas or if yes its because i simply had surgery 6 weeks ago. So for all i was tempted to say NOOOOOO im going back properly, ive decided to listen to the doctor and do what he says – i do not want to jeopardize my back and have any more time of work.

I see my surgeon tomorrow night at 1930 for the 6 week check so im gonna ask him about my leg, ive woke up this morning and it is aching again – not painful but heavy like i can feel the actual nerve needs a good stretch or rub, feels a bit dead? This is worrying me a bit as when i stand to wash up it is quite sore and i feel i have to sit, but fingers crossed it is ment to be like this and hopefully it will get better quick!


Pre op yesterday

Right, yesterday I had my pre-op at The Spire hospital I have been very fortunate to be able to have my surgery at this private hospital as the surgeon only works here or another NHS hospital but the spire is closest to me!

I was terrified knowing I would be having blood took, so waiting in the plush comfy waiting room I grabbed a free latte – two bonuses of private hospital is the free car park and a free coffee machine with rather nice lattes!

Firstly I was took down with a nurse she explained to me in great detail what would happen today what struck me was just how nice she was she seemed genuinely interested in asking me what I do and how I am and actually listened! And she told me a bit about her and I was put at ease instantly having a gossip! That must again be a perk of private they didn’t seem concerned to get the job done and get me out asap, there was no rush at all. So a lay on a bed and was attached to loads of wires and had an ECG thankfully my heart is great so no probs there, then she took my blood which was actually not bad at all! I had my blood pressure taken then a bit more gossip.

The she took me to see the anaesthetist and again she was lovely to explained exactly what would happen on the day and how getting knocked out has changed over the years etc and told me roughly what to expect after the op, she told me in a private hospital the success rates are much higher as they only have the best surgeons and the best anaesthtists and no juniors at all which i liked to hear! She then took me to physio where I again met another lovely lady!

At physio she showed me how to log roll

log roll

I’ve put a link on to from YouTube to show this it is a great way to get in and out of bed with little pressure on your spine, she said she always uses this and advises to start now and do it forever!
First time I’ve done a video link hope it works!

She basically told me what to do after the op, the physio will ensure I can walk up and down stairs and get out of bed safely before I can go home, she told me that for first two weeks I must rest a lot, she said before Mrsa was a problem I would have been in hospital for 2 weeks recovery but now it’s better to be at home (that’s if I can resist not doing anything!)

So I was there for 2 hours and I’ve came out very positive and ready for the op next sat (24th) I’m dreading coming home as I’m going to struggle not been able to do anything, I’m literally allowed to dress myself, shower myself and make a cup of tea but only with enough water in for one cup I can’t wash, cook, clean, iron, Hoover, lift pans, sweep the floor everything! Which is going to be extremely difficult I’ve been very very sore today from yesterday and its drive me mad I can’t even stand to wash up!

But the end is near!
And Twilight in sat woohoo!