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Best phonics app made by twinkl


In my opinion this is the best app for phonics is it brilliant for teachers to use as a whole class or for individuals, it’s great for parents to use at home with their children and most importantly it is great for the children!

This is is built based on the guidance for schools regarding phonics, it is complete from phase 1 to phase 5 and also has the DFES guidance on.

I use this app with my pupil with Down syndrome I think it is great even tho he doesn’t learn phonetically a commen trait in Downs Syndrome is that there is no ability to ‘sound out’ words, and we learn words by sight not phonics however this app enables me to teach a few pupils with different abilities but they can all do the same thing with a different twist so for the pupil who learns by sight we would use this app for pairs, for letter formation and to look at whole words.

For my son who is in year 1 and well into phonics we just work our way through it, my son loves this he just thinks he is playing, but he’s learning and it is helping him in school too as he has rapidly moved through the reading levels and has done his first ‘Big Write’ today he came home and wrote again his work out I firmly believe by having fun with words at an early age is giving him positive feelings about reading and writing.

I could write for hours about this app but go look for yourself it’s great visit http://www.twinkl.co.uk for a look at the great website designed for teachers and parents while you are on you will notice the site is also brilliant full of excellent teaching resources and even extremely good for parents who want to find out more about how their child learns!

Have fun! This app does cost but it is a good price, I always look for free apps but I had to buy this one and its well worth the money!

Thanks for reading and watch this space for more App reviews,

Update, 12/11/12

I thought I’d add more photos from each part of this phonics app this is the main page




That one above is great practice for the new phonics test in year 1





The last pic is a link to the DFES guidance this is great for parents to know what is expected at what age

Thanks for reading! Xx